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  • Nature
    The reserve "Zielona Góra" is a complex of forest and flora, including the hill of the same name, with picturesque limestone rocks and a cave. The reserve is located near the village of Kusięta, near Częstochowa, at the railway line leading to Kielce. The red marked Eagles’ Nests Trail runs through the area of the reserve. A trip to “Zielona Góra” can be combined with a sightseeing of the surrounding area of Olsztyn.
  • Nature
    The Towarne Mountains are a group of picturesque hills covered with limestone rocks, lying about 3 km north of Olsztyn, a town near Częstochowa. Just below the northern slopes of the hills lies the village of Kusięta. The Towarne Mountains, which occupy a small area, are mostly treeless, and the highest peak called “Lisica” rises to 349 m above sea level The area is popular with climbers and cave enthusiasts.
  • Nature
    The gorge of the Warta River near Mstów is the name of a special area of protection of habitats in the Natura 2000 network, which covers a large part of the Mirowski Warta River Gorge, stretching over 12 km - from Częstochowa (in the west) to Mstów (in the east). It protects the natural part of the river valley with diverse plant communities and valuable species of animals. Natural features are complemented by scenic and historic attractions.
  • Nature
    The Reserve "Zamczysko" in Grodzisk near Kłobuck is both a historical place still full of mysteries and a valuable protected natural area. On the south bank of the Czarna Oksza river there are earth fortifications in the form of defensive embankments, whose time of creation dates to the period between VIII and XIV century A.D. Today, the settlement is covered with a beautiful oak forest with monumental trees. Some of them are over 200 years old.