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The size of the cave opening attests that the local population has known about the cave for a long time. Behind the vast, rectangular entrance the chamber is gradually elevated. On the right side of the chamber there is a small hole leading to a kind of a shelf above the valley floor, which offers a beautiful view. This section of the cave is illuminated by daylight. Going further down the main corridor, after passing a low-ceiling section, we enter a few-dozen metres long and very winding corridor.

At the Ryczów village turn south and follow the yellow trail towards the Straszykowa Góra mountain. The route leads to the place whose left side consists of a tree-less slope (a few-years old overgrowing site of a fire). Go through the site (there is a wide path). Then the trail enters the forest. Continue slightly down through the ravine. You should arrive at rocks with a distinctive eave (on the right). Behind this rock, a few meters above the bottom of the ravine, there is a large rectangular opening of the cave.


Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the forest, in the country, underground
Contact data
: 32 673 22 85
: 32 673 33 64
: 32 673 37 98
General Information
: 25 min.
: 15 min.
: underground tourist routes
: whole year

Cave length – approx. 150 m
Tour time: about 25 minutes
Internal temperature about +7.0oC .
Humidity about 85.0 %.
The cave is not illuminated electrically.
Access impossible for people with disabilities.
Unguided touring.
Comfortable sports footwear and warm clothing in the summer are recommended.
Flashlight mandatory.

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The Reserve "Ruskie Górskie" is located in the southeastern part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, in the region of Ryczów and Złożeniec. The protected area was established in 2000. The reserve aims at preserving forest communities and Jurassic landscapes with characteristic karst forms. The Olkusz Partisans' Trail, marked in black, runs in the vicinity of the reserve.
Ryczów lies in the commune of Ogrodzieniec, in the district of Zawiercie. Among the fans of the Polish Jura, the village is known primarily for the ruins of the local fortified watchtower. It may have been built, like many other buildings of this type in the Jura, by Casimir the Great, in the fourteenth century, in order to strengthen the border of the Polish Kingdom at that time. Though some doubt that this king erected the stronghold.
The Ryczów Rocky Region is an invented name, coined by tourists and climbers to identify attractive and scenic areas of many limestone outcroppings. The area is located near the villages of Ryczów and Żelazko, in the Polish Jura. There are several characteristic, jagged rocks, attracting lovers of nature and extensive views, as well as rock climbers, climbing happily the local walls.
Village Leeds was first mentioned in the year 1120. In the year 1388 Bydlin obtained city rights, which lost then in 1540.
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Centrum Turystyki Aktywnej „Żelazko” - to nowy obiekt na mapie noclegowej Jury Krakowsko-Częstochowskiej (5 km od Ogrodzieńca) - zapewnia kompleksową organizację pobytu grup zorganizowanych wraz z programem wycieczek i aktywności w terenie.
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