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Będkowska Valley

Będkowska Valley is one of the longest valleys Of Cracov-Czestochowa, while the beautiful natural, with many interesting rock formations. Is one of the seven valleys in the Cracov Valley landscape park. Suitable for both hiking and mountain biking. On foot, it is best to start tour of Będkowice, which lies between the Będkowska and Kobylańska, we can then visit the two beautiful valleys. The Valley is a Valley Będkowska steep-walled, with numerous branches in the form of gorges, canyons with very interesting rock formations and caves, springs and even wywierzyskiem. Exploring the Valley move along the way, which is not available for cars, so safely (pass by us only cyclists), and in the silence, we can admire the beauty of the surrounding nature. There we have the 3 trails: Blue leading the full length of the Valley, green with the village of Łazy by the central part of the Valley of the Będkowskiej to the Wierzchowia, and yellow with Będkowic side ravine by a piece of Będkowskiej Valley, Valley, Racławka Valley nature reserve Szklarki to you can help Wikipedia.


Wielka Wieś
Lesser Poland, Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the forest
: whole year
General Information
: rock formations, landscape parks

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Also called a wide Waterfall. Is in Bedkówka Creek, which flows through this part of the Bedkowska Valley.
This Valley has a rich history of climbing and many Polish famous climbers and mountaineers, here started his story with an enthusiastic. Trained here climbing our commandos from the "Red Berets".
Bolechowicka gate is a place near tourist trails leading up to the Valley of the Bolechowickiej, also called the ravine of Bolechowickim with its famous Gate Bolechowicka.
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Zajazd znajduje się w idealnym punkcie wypadowym do Ojcowskiego Parku Narodowego, jak i całej Jury Krakowsko-Częstochowskiej. Skrzyżowanie wielu szlaków turystycznych (pieszych i rowerowych), wspaniała atmosfera oraz świetne jedzenie sprawia, że jest doskonałym miejscem na wakacyjną wycieczkę lub weekendowy wypad za miasto.
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