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The deluge of Tasarki in Mstowo

In the small village of Mstów, picturesquely situated on the banks of the river Worth is award-winning complex supplier stretching for almost 5 hectares of area. Among the greenery, everyone can find something for everyone. You can spend there time actively or a little lazy in nature. The whole complex is lined with walking, health path. In a few places you can stay for quite a while and observation platforms to admire the beauties of the turn of Worth. From these you can see also the skyline of Mstowa and Wancerzowa. For the most active villages in Mstów prepared pitch to play ball with artificial turf. In the southern part of the complex, in the bend of the Guard is located In Tasarki-powered reservoir water from sources. Swimming pool is surrounded by a sandy beach, where you can soak up the Sun swimming a little. Mstów really took care of all. So could not miss the playgrounds for the little ones. The complex was also built gazebos with barbecue facilities, and a scene where will be held open-air events. And all this is integrated into the natural landscape and near Częstochowa.


Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
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The gorge of the Warta River near Mstów is the name of a special area of protection of habitats in the Natura 2000 network, which covers a large part of the Mirowski Warta River Gorge, stretching over 12 km - from Częstochowa (in the west) to Mstów (in the east). It protects the natural part of the river valley with diverse plant communities and valuable species of animals. Natural features are complemented by scenic and historic attractions.
For several centuries, Mstów was one of the most important towns in the north of Galicia, known primarily for the monastery of Canons Regular. The settlement received town privileges in 1279, as the marketplace at the crossing of the Warta river. The town developed on the right bank of the river on still a prelocation land. The old urban layout of Mstów with a market square and network of streets running out of its corners and not very old buildings have been preserved to this day,
The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, together with the monastery of the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine of the Lateran Congregation of the Holy Savior in Wancerzów near Mstów is one of the most important monuments in the northern part of the province of Silesia. The oldest parts of the monastery buildings date back to the Middle Ages and the present church was built in the eighteenth century in the Baroque style. The remains of the monastery walls have survived to this day.
Kłobukowice is a small village in the district of Częstochowa. It is located a few kilometers north-east from Mstów, which is the seat of the commune. On the main road, behind the high fence, there is a neo-Gothic mansion, an old granary building that the servants used to live. The whole complex by a 10-hectare park with lime and chestnut trees and great maples. Behind the palace the terrain goes down to the picturesque banks of the Warta river.
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