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Forest Dulowska

The biggest forest complex on a map of areas in Trzebinia: Dulowska Forest lies within the limits of the Jurassic landscape park. Forest Dulowska takes a significant part of the western edge of the Ditch Krzeszowicki, Part Of Cracov-Czestochowa. In this section, it bears the name of A Dulowska. From the North it is limited the South-western extremity of Olkuska, called Hills Myślachowickie. It limits to the South West Ridge, which is called Tenczynek landscape portion of the Block Płaziański.
In the Dulowska is dominated by Scots pine and birch pendula. With stately trees of foreign origin noteworthy ostroklapowy red oak and much smaller bird cherry late. Native shrubs are common Buckthorn, wild elderberry and Salix aurita. Krzewinkami supporting numerous runo are: bilberries, currants and Heather ordinary. There is also the competent Raspberry. With access to the Interior of the forest of arms like vegetable barbed wire BlackBerry built.

In the wetland areas, and even in the trenches drainage way you will encounter two species of mosses: polytrichum and Sphagnum. The first branches arise mainly in consignments, boron Pomerania Dulowa dominates rokiet vulgaris. With a fern Rhizome rubella leaves you can admire the wietlica samicza and narecznica szerokolistna. Among the grasses, and forest-grass calamagrostis epigejos dominates.
In 1985, Dulowskiej in the forest, on the banks of the Creek, Hastings settled onto two pairs of beavers. Currently, the estimated population of Beaver in the wilderness for about 40 pieces. This population tends to the quantitative growth, as well as range (the flooded forest area is about 20 ha).
Direct contact with nature while hiking or biking Path allows you Natural-forest Forestry Dulowa, leading the north-western extremity Of Dulowska. You can use it in a manner consistent with the principles laid down in the rules of procedure, we will provide both you and future generations ability to wonderful relaxation after the hardships of everyday life.

małopolska, Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska
nad wodą, w lesie
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Kamienny Szlak Zaginionych Zawodów w Dulowej, opracowany w 2014 roku, to nowy, pierwszy w Małopolsce, pow. chrzanowskim, gminie Trzebinia, pieszy trakt turystyczny z wykutymi atrybutami ginących, lub całkowicie zaginionych zawodów.
The oldest information about Tenczyn Castle in Rudno come from the year 1319. He built it probably Andrew of the Moravice River, which from the name of the Castle took the name Tenczynek landscape.
Rezerwat przyrody Ostra Góra – ścisły rezerwat przyrody położony w gminie Trzebinia w zachodniej części województwa małopolskiego, na południe od drogi łączącej wsie Myślachowice i Psary, na obszarze Nadleśnictwa Chrzanów.
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